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  we deliver market leading solutions as we have the best teams ready for when clients call. knowing and meeting individual client’s requirements is the soul of our operation. However this has made us an authority in construction, deployment & maintenance of sewage system and water treatment plant solutions. 

sewage treatment
10+ Years of Experience

Over a decade of experience , leaving behind a trail of happy customers.

Unique Solutions

Unique solutions to meet your Sewage and water treatment plant needs.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

We are a team of professionals; delivering solutions and sewage system guaranteed to meet your needs.

Complete sewage management services

Making your plant eco-friendlier involves more than just installing a water treatment system and calling it a day. It’s a long-term commitment that starts with a consultation and continues with regular maintenance and system upgrades. The good news is that Sewatech can be relied upon for any process. Our sewage management services are all-encompassing to leave no stone unturned in:

  • The best wastewater and sewage treatment results can only be achieved with a lot of diligence and responsibility. We can help with your staff training so that your workers are up to speed with their roles and the latest industrial practices.
  •  Even if you have no idea what sewage water treatment system you should get installed, Sewatech specialists are always here for guidance.
  • Whether you need a simple filter system or a multi-stage decontamination solution, we can design, customize and install it on your site in Nigeria.
  •  When it comes to cleaning wastewater, a malfunctioning system may cause tons of toxins to be uncontrollably released into the environment. We won’t let it happen, as Sewatech specialists are always available for servicing, maintenance and repair jobs.

Water and sewage treatment made easy for you and safe for the plane

  • These days, the planet is weighed down by millions of tons of wastewater that poses health risks to billions of people. If you’re running an industrial plant, you may be contributing to the increasing environmental threat daily. Steel factories, petroleum refineries, and food processing facilities account for the largest discharge of contaminated water. Without proper treatment of wastewater and sewage, this may get out of control and put entire communities at risk.
  • It’s time to take better care of your community and the planet with Sewatech! We are a sewage and water solution company in Nigeria on the mission to make industrial processes safer for you, your people and the environment. For over 10 years, we’ve been helping large and small plants de-contaminate the wastewater they discharge as a result of their daily operations by designing, installing and servicing water treatment systems.
  • Sewatech’s sewage treatment plant systems are created for the multi-stage treatment and compliance that your facility needs. With a focus on custom solutions, we can fine-tune your wastewater treatment system to your industrial processes and the most often occurring contaminants, chemicals and harmful bacteria.

Prove that you care

Partnering with Sewatech for simple and advanced water treatment solutions in Nigeria can not only help you comply with sewage discharge regulations and avoid substantial fines. This way, you can also build an eco-conscious business image, living up to the expectations of your customers and community. We all deserve a healthier planet!

Choose Sewatech to show that you really care!

waste water treatment
water water treatment
water water treatment

What Our Client's Say

What we appreciated most about working with the Sewatech team was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results with affordable prices !
sewage treatment
Emmanuel Moses
Ariola Cosmetics
I have inspected the water treatment plant today in Warri at the Delta Mall, the installation looks really good so seems to be fully operational and the team was very professional .Thanks again Sewatech for a job well done.
sewage treatment
Jan Van Wyk
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
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